And a bottle of…eggnog…

“Hey, Santa – think ya can leave a cookie or two fer me? I could use the extra weight…”

‘Tis the season.

Despite the COVID restrictions and the masks and the political upheaval and the general insanity and stress of the Holidays, that Christmas magic always bursts through the noise and spreads a message of hope. For Christians, the “reason for the season” is bigger and far more relevant than the lights, music, and department store sales, but make no mistake – the lights, music, and, yes, even the department store sales, all contribute to this most amazing time of year.

So get out there – mask when you have to, no mask when it’s not required, if you choose. And take it all in – the Christmas music, the smell of pine and fir, and scented candles…the crowds, the lights, the traffic, all of it. Breathe it in physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s been a tough year for everyone. You deserve the break.

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