Fight Like a Girl


Illustrated by Hila Ronis (25 watercolor illustrations depicting each female warrior within)

release date: January 15, 2022


Women have been successfully fighting in combat roles since the beginning of time. During Michael G. Lewis’s research, he discovered women warriors in nearly every century, country, and culture. Their differences are many—some were queens, some peasants, some fought for country, others for religion, while others were motivated by blind loyalty, bloodlust, fame, revenge, and even plain old fashioned greed. Yes, their differences are many, but they are more defined by striking similarities—all were smart, stubborn, almost supernaturally brave, and extraordinary. Their stories are inspiring but also chilling. Their exploits tragic, triumphant, awe inspiring, and even humorous. But their stories are unknown. These women warriors—these “Band of Sisters,” as it were—had far reaching effects on the entire world, and their stories deserve to be told.


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